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Established in Puerto Rico in 1991 (previously in California), Noa Art Studio has earned a prestigious place as one of the best art schools on the island, for its unique way of approaching art education, with the best equipment, quality art education and personalized service available. The studio has a commitment with The National Art Education Association to provide the highest quality art education in Puerto Rico.

Noa Art Studio has a very special teaching philosophy: learning art history is discovering the universal language and to know about past civilizations and different cultures, is to learn about the human chronicles and more about who we are and where are we headed. The expression of art through the ages is the statement of the human race.

To approach art "people need to think in images as well as words", indicates Professor Noa, "the verbal-liner-analytic intelligence is only a small part of the IQ, the visual-esthetic-plastic intelligence frequently goes unrecognized in schools.", she explains. "Math, Science, and Language Arts are situated on the brain's left hemisphere, while the right side of the brain contains the visual-spatial abilities."

Its founder, director, and teacher, the renowned artist and art professor Maritza M. Noa, has developed a unique method which integrates art history presentation, allowing students to discover, experience, evaluate and appreciate art in a captivating and enjoyable way. Her classes are completely individualized for each student, and are adjusted according to their personal artistic interest and their own rhythm and pace. This is one of the many unique approaches to art education which have made Noa Art Studio so successful throughout the years.

Adults and young adolescents 11 years or older, are welcomed each year for regular semester classes and summer sessions.

Former Students

Young student drawing using color pencils Student drawing MANGA characters Young student drawing using color pencils

Some of our students pursued careers in arquitecture, animation, graphic design, etc.

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